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10 minimal blog design that will take your breath away!

A list of hand picked list of minimal blogs that will take your breath away!

Minimal Monkey:


Bruno Xavier:


Minimal Joomla:


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It’s numbered:


Jeremy Peters:


Facts regula:


The design cubicle:


web is love:


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Create a set of wooden cut out icons.

  • Today, we will create a set of wooden cut out icons. This is actually very easy but useful method. Let’s get started.
  • Tutorial Resources:

  • Tree Bark

Step 1

Create a new file named ‘icons’: 600 by 300px, RGB color, 8 bit and white background.


Step 2

Now we need grid and rulers, Go to view > rulers and view > show> grid.

Untitled 3

Step 3

Now right-click on the background  layer.Double click the background layer and click “convert to smart object”. Than rename the layer ‘background’.

Untitled 4

Step 4

Create a new layer by clicking on the “Create a new layer” icon second from the right at the bottom.Rename the layer,”first icon”.

Untitled 5

Step 5

Using the rectangle tool,create a rectangle.

Untitled 6

Step 6

Click “Add a layer style “ icon in the layer panel. Use these settings:

Untitled 7

Untitled 8

Untitled 9

Untitled 10

Untitled 11


This is what you should get:

Untitled 14

Step 7

Now the text or the main object.Temporarily disable the grid.This will help to see the icon clearly.Use this stock: Tree Bark. Place it and position it over the icon.

Untitled 15

Step 8

Now select overlay from the blending mode and set opacity to 37%.

Untitled 16

Step 9

Now we have to put the text or symbol in the icon. Select the text tool and write Ps. I used Georgia font regular type,size 36 pt and black color.

Untitled 18

Step 10

Now go to layer style,and use following settings:

Untitled 19

Step 11

Now group all the layers except the background.

Untitled 20

Step 12

Now rename the group as “First icon” and bring back the grid.

Untitled 21

Step 13

Now duplicate the group by right-clicking the group and clicking duplicate group.

Untitled 22

Step 14

Now rename the second group as “second group”.

Untitled 23

Step 15

Press command+T to move the second group:

Untitled 24

Step 16

Now select the test tool and select the ‘Ps’ and change it to ‘Ai’.

Untitled 25

Step 17

It should be like this:

Untitled 26

Step 18

Di the third on ein the same way write flash this time,and L should be 30 pt. :

Untitled 27

Step 19

Now remove the grid .Go to  the background layer and apply gradient.

Untitled 28

Apply linear gradient this way:

Untitled 29

Step 20

Create new layer,naming it “The line”.Bring back the grid and draw a line over the icons.

Untitled 31

Step 21

Use these settings :

Untitled 32


Step 22

Remove the grid and you should get the following result:


Final Results